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A group of four young modern dancers dancing in a studio.

Can I Just Make Room for Interesting Things?

In the liberal arts, we don’t have an employability problem; we have a messaging problem, Kristin Brennan and Stephen Perkinson write.

A female college student in a plaid shirt sits across the desk from a professional providing support.

Alternate Angles of Higher Ed Equity: Seven Insights Gained From European Universities

Setting aside affordability in the conversation about equity allows for a broader range of insight that could benefit students and the institution, writes Diane Lasyone Elliott from Western Governors University.

A single pro-Palestinian demonstrator is surrounded by dozens of police officers wearing helmets.

The Hammer

Gregg Gonsalves asks why campus leaders resorted so quickly to calling in the cops.

A picture of a balance scale with a sack of money on one side and a pile of textbooks and a graduation mortar board on the other.

Don’t Roll Back Progress on Textbook Affordability

Course material costs have been coming down, but an Education Department proposal puts that progress in jeopardy, Eric Weil and Michael Moore write.

The word “respect,” spelled out in multicolored letters, each tacked onto a cork board with colorful pushpins..

Rethinking Respect

Colleges can help students cultivate civic respect—a value more easily affirmed than granted in our polarized climate, Jeff Spinner-Halev and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse write.

A drawing depicting a passport and an F-1 student visa; the latter document is stamped, in red, with the word “Rejected.”

Student Visa Denials Threaten U.S. Competitiveness

College leaders should focus immigration lobbying efforts on state lawmakers, in addition to federal ones, Samba Dieng writes.

The red, white and blue book jacket for John Rennie Short’s “Insurrection: What the January 6 Assault on the Capitol Reveals about America and Democracy,” which depicts a watermark-like image of the QAnon shaman holding an American flag.


Scott McLemee reviews John Rennie Short’s Insurrection: What the January 6 Assault on the Capitol Reveals about America and Democracy.

A computer screen and a smartphone both bear the logo and name of “ChatGPT” against a white background.

GPTs for Scholars: Enablers of Shoddy Research?

The GPTs that offer scholarly citations may eliminate the issue of hallucinated (fake) citations, but they pose other problems, Mohammad Hosseini and Kristi Holmes write.