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Parents’ Lack of Worry About COVID’s Effects on Kids

Why aren’t parents as worried as experts about COVID’S effect on children? In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Southern California’s Morgan Polikoff reads up to find out.

Redwoods: Adaptive Giants

Some species will adapt to a warming world. In today’s Academic Minute, California Institute of Technology’s Daniel Lewis details one.

Examining Myths About Grief and Bereavement

Grief carries many myths. In today’s Academic Minute, Alma College’s Jacob Sawyer determines what’s real and what’s not.

Ep. 114: Generative AI’s Potential Influence on Teaching and Learning

Discussions about the impact of generative artificial intelligence in teaching and learning are steadily moving beyond questions about whether and how students will cheat.

What Makes Bad Movies So Good?

All bad movies are bad, but what makes some also so-bad-they’re-good? In today's Academic Minute, the College of the Holy Cross's Scott Malia watches and reports back.

Why Current Approaches to Workplace Mental Health Aren’t Working

Current approaches to workplace mental health aren’t working. In today’s Academic Minute, George Mason University’s Matthew A. Cronin explores how to change this.

Ethan Webb of Mindsmith

This month’s episode of The Pulse podcast features Ethan Webb, founder and CEO of Mindstream. In the interview with host...

Peer Influence on Choice of Major

Did you choose your major based on peer pressure? In today’s Academic Minute, part of University of St. Thomas Week, Shinwon Noh says many students do.