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Editors of ‘Philosophy & Public Affairs’ Journal Resign En Masse

Thirty-eight editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs, a Wiley-owned journal, announced their resignations en masse Wednesday, including the entire editorial...
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Researchers Investigating Generative AI and Scholarly Publishing

A new study by Ithaka S+R seeks to gain insight into the technology’s potential to transform the production of academic scholarship.

Textbook Affordability a Top Faculty Concern

Nearly two-thirds of faculty members view textbook affordability as a top priority for their universities, according to the annual Faculty...

Colleges Urge Education Dept. to Keep Rules Allowing Inclusive Access

Seventy-five administrators and professors from at least 61 institutions are calling on the Education Department in a letter released Wednesday...
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How Many Casualties Would a Plagiarism War Produce?

If conservatives and liberals start scouring their opponents’ academic publications for stolen ideas or phrases, nobody—even plagiarism experts—knows how much grist they will find. 

Designing Courseware for Gateway Classes to Produce Equitable Outcomes: Key Podcast

Gateway courses are supposed to clear the path to fields of study, but for millions of students who struggle in...

Open-Access Books Help University Press Revenues, Study Finds

Open-access publications can generate significant revenue, despite hesitancy among universities to embrace free and open online access to research, a...
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More Professors Aware of, and Using, Open Educational Resources

A study finds increasing levels of buy-in of open resources, with about three in 10 instructors requiring OER in their courses.