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Colorado Bill to Improve Credit Transfer Becomes Law

Colorado has become the first state to require an annual report from each public college and university outlining all the...
Image of a spigot on the side of the Connecticut statehouse with money pouring from its opening.

Connecticut Lawmakers Put Final COVID Funds Toward Higher Ed

Governor is expected to sign the bill allowing state institutions to plug budget deficits with dwindling federal aid, a move some see as savvy and others as irresponsible.

Iowa Governor Signs Bill Banning DEI

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds, a Republican, signed into law an education-funding bill with anti-DEI provisions. The state’s Board of Regents...

NY Financial Aid Expansion to Benefit About 93,000 Students

New York finalized a “historic” expansion of the state’s largest higher ed grant, the Tuition Assistance Program, Governor Kathy Hochul...
Two line charts overlaid on black and white photos of state capitol buildings

State Higher Ed Funding is Still Rising—for Now

Even as federal stimulus waned, lawmakers boosted support for public colleges in 2023, with an emphasis on financial aid. Can it make up for falling tuition revenue?

Exchanging money for graduation cap

Colorado Bill Seen as Model for Improving Credit Transfer

The measure, passed on a bipartisan basis, would guarantee that more courses count toward students’ majors and require transparency on colleges’ transfer activity.

New York Will Require Students to Complete FAFSA or Opt Out

New York State will require public school districts to certify that every high school senior completes the Free Application for...
A building on the New College of Florida campus

California Should Create a New ‘New College’

In condemning Republican assaults on higher ed, we should ask too what Democrats are doing to defend it, Paul Hansen writes.