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How Can Trustees Help?

University board members can help restore trust on campus.

Students mill about in front of a library on a college campus

UNC System Board Votes to Eliminate DEI Offices

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors voted on Thursday morning to eliminate a policy requiring diversity, equity...
A photo illustration comparing North Carolina’s proposed REACH Act with the University of North Carolina System’s new policy.

Lawmakers Sought to Mandate Class on Founding Documents. What Were Professors to Do?

Conservative groups are pushing civics requirements in higher education, not just K-12. In North Carolina, undergraduates now must study the founding documents. Will other states follow?

An illustration with a cross section of people expressing their gender pronouns.

South Dakota Bans Pronouns, Tribal Affiliations in University Email Signatures

Civil liberties advocates and students say the South Dakota Board of Regents’ new policy is part of a larger effort to “erase queer people from the public university system.”

George Washington University graduates holding a sign with the words “Dive$t Now.”

What Makes Current Divestment Demands Different

Student appeals for colleges to stop investing in firms that support Israel’s war effort are complicated by state laws, political risks and global market complexities.

Protesters Target Officials with Body Bags, Cockroaches

While pro-Palestinian campus protests have been largely peaceful, recent incidents have raised concerns as demonstrators have appeared at official’s homes...
Stock photo of a voter filling out a ballot.

When Trustees Run for Public Office

A handful of trustees are running for state and federal office this fall in an election cycle where recent higher education controversies will likely be on voters’ minds.

A photo illustration consisting of a photograph of Harvard University’s campus with part of the faculty senate proponents’ written arguments superimposed on top.

Harvard Has No University-Wide Senate—Professors Are Proposing One

Amid attacks in multiple states on shared governance, faculty members seek to strengthen their role at America’s oldest higher education institution.