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A photo illustration with a photo of Larry Chavis on the left, UNC Chapel Hill’s campus on the right and, overlaid atop both, part of the April 22 letter to Chavis revealing his classes were being recorded.

‘Notice Is Not Required’: Letter Says UNC Chapel Hill Secretly Records Professors

A business school professor was startled to learn that the university had recorded his classes as part of a ‘review’ he didn’t know about. The university says it has no formal policy on filming classes. Professors are worried.

University of Washington Academic Student Workers Get Deal, Halt Strike

The University of Washington and a union representing academic student employees there reached a tentative agreement Tuesday night, ending a...
A multi-ethnic group of students sit at a table in a common space at college

Students’ Perception of Education Quality Tied to Feelings of Belonging

A new report from Gallup and the Lumina Foundation found a correlation between how students judge their academic program and their relationships to their institution and its members.

A female instructor stands in front of a small class, explaining a concept.

Survey: Students Turn to Faculty for Career Advice

New research from the National Association for Colleges and Employers shows how students and recent alumni look to their professors for help in their post-graduation plans. While some faculty aren’t confident in giving career advice, administrators can take five actions to support that work.

Five students walk on a college campus on a sunny day

Guide Addresses Campus Climate in Upcoming Election

A new resource from the Constructive Dialogue Institute serves as a playbook for higher ed administrators and practitioners during the 2024 election.

A faculty member gives a student a fist-bump in class

Study: Passionate, Self-Compassionate Professors Are Better Teachers

A research study found faculty members who demonstrate work passion and emotion regulation are more likely to be effective instructors and have greater work-life balance.

Multiethnic group of cheerful people enjoying stretching exercises

Student Wellness Tip: Incorporate Exercise Breaks Into Lecture Classes

Research shows exercise can help students refocus during long periods of learning. A new study finds it can be done in a practical way to benefit student attention and peer engagement.

An overwhelmed woman sits at a table in front of a laptop, her head in one hand; in the other she holds a sign that reads “HELP!” The sign fully obscures her face.

How Accommodating Can (Should) I Be?

As colleges relax the rules to account for students’ real struggles, David Galef asks when accommodations may go too far.