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Editors of ‘Philosophy & Public Affairs’ Journal Resign En Masse

Thirty-eight editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs, a Wiley-owned journal, announced their resignations en masse Wednesday, including the entire editorial...
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Academic Librarians Oppose Plan to Eliminate Key Federal Data

The U.S. Department of Education proposes ending collection of library data from main higher ed database, citing budgetary and workload concerns. Librarians fear much would be lost.

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New AI Guidelines Aim to Help Research Libraries

The new list of seven principles support librarians increasingly bombarded with questions about artificial intelligence.

Davidson College Lands $85M Gift to Digitize Library

Davidson College, a private, liberal arts institution in North Carolina, has secured an $85 million donation to expand its library...

University Librarians See Urgent Need for AI Ethics

Nearly three-quarters of university librarians say there’s an urgent need to address artificial intelligence’s ethical and privacy concerns, a survey...
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AI, the Next Chapter for College Librarians

Librarians have lived through the disruptions of fax machines, websites and Wikipedia, and now they are bracing to do it again as artificial intelligence tools go mainstream: “Maybe it’s our time to shine.”

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Librarians’ ‘New Normal’ Includes Pain Points

In college libraries today, print resources have been demoted, staffing shortages feel urgent and pandemic-era students struggle to engage with librarians.


The Internet Archive Is a Library

A lawsuit against the Internet Archive threatens the most significant specialized library to emerge in decades, say a group of current and former university librarians.