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The word “respect,” spelled out in multicolored letters, each tacked onto a cork board with colorful pushpins..

Rethinking Respect

Colleges can help students cultivate civic respect—a value more easily affirmed than granted in our polarized climate, Jeff Spinner-Halev and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse write.

Life Prep 101

College’s hidden curriculum’s essential role in preparing students for life post-graduation.

Young adult students at a university lecture, back view

Academic Success Tip: Infusing AI into Curricular Offerings

Faculty members have created special courses and assignments around generative artificial intelligence to prepare students for their lives after college.


Power, Identity and the Battle Over Campus Culture

Unpacking power dynamics and identity politics on college campuses.

A photograph of Rutgers University demonstrators, including one holding a megaphone and another holding a sign saying “Our Working Conditions Are Students’ Learning Conditions” around a fist grasping a pencil.

On National ‘Day of Action for Higher Ed,’ Some Rally, Others Strike

Demonstrations, teach-ins and a graduate-worker walkout highlighted a union-supported, multi-campus event Wednesday designed to push back against attacks on academic freedom, job security and academe more broadly.

A photo illustration with a screenshot of Inside Higher Ed’s latest survey, surrounded by images of Joe Biden, Donald Trump, a dollar bill, someone holding a bullhorn, an image of a robot surrounded by chat bubbles, and people with varied skin colors putting their hands together.

Annual Provosts’ Survey Shows Need for AI Policies, Worries Over Campus Speech

Many institutions are not yet prepared to help their faculty members and students navigate artificial intelligence. That’s just one of multiple findings from Inside Higher Ed’s annual survey of chief academic officers.

Man at dais in front of video screen

Traction for the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree

A group of college leaders strategize about how to design a new undergraduate experience—and get an unexpected boost from an accreditor.

The eight-columned rotunda surrounding the “Old Well” at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Sometimes the Right Is Right

Universities should work with right-leaning critics who want to strengthen academia’s distinctive culture, Jenna Silber Storey and Benjamin Storey write.