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The word "admission," the text written in white, is offset against a red and tan background.

Rethinking Grad Admissions in a Post-SFFA World

Nick Eubank writes that a mission-derived rubric can help programs admit students with a wide range of life experiences.

Incoming Law Class Reaches Highest Ever Diversity

Law schools enrolled their most diverse matriculating classes on record in 2023, the final class to be selected before the...
A panoramic view of the University of California, Berkeley, campus as seen from a distance, with the bell tower rising above the other buildings.

Access, Fairness and Graduate Programs in the Humanities

In favoring applicants from elite private institutions, graduate programs in the humanities are shutting out talented students, Timothy Hampton writes.

An orange map of the world with arrows from countries to a campus building in the U.S.

A ‘Near-Record’ International Student Surge

U.S. enrollment of international students surpassed pre-pandemic levels in 2022–23, fueled by sharp upticks from India and Africa. Will the trend continue?

Exterior view of Spring Hill College Campus in Mobile, Ala.

Can Free Graduate Tuition Boost Undergrad Enrollment?

Starting next year, Spring Hill College will offer free graduate school tuition to freshmen who complete a bachelor’s degree at the college within four years.

Traditional logo for U.S. News's medical school rankings is positioned next to a similar-looking logo that says "AI Rankings"

AI Med School Rankings Tool Offers Alternative to Traditional Metrics

A resident physician used machine learning to help medical school applicants weigh factors they most care about, such as student diversity and graduate debt.

No More ‘Logic Games’ on the LSAT

The Law School Admissions Council is removing the logic games section from the Law School Admission Test starting in August...
A lecture hall of students with two empty rows of chairs at the bottom and a sign that says "reserved for grad students."

Graduate Applications Up, but Enrollment Falls

Enrollment fell by 4.7 percent in 2022, with particularly steep drops for doctoral programs at top research universities—a possible sign that higher ed’s enrollment crisis is reaching the graduate level.