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California State System Reports No Direct Investments in Israel

The California State University System recently indicated that it has no direct ownership of stocks or bonds in companies based...
A photo of the book cover for “Lifting the Veil on Enrollment Management” and its author

‘Pulling Back the Veil’ on Enrollment Management

Stephen Burd’s new book blames much of higher ed’s current woes on the multi-million dollar industry. He spoke with IHE about how admissions became a numbers game and why poor students are worse off for it.

A photo illustration of stacks of money against the backdrop of college campuses.

Inching Toward the $100,000 Sticker Price

Some selective institutions are expected to hit six figures soon, though such pricing will likely have more of a psychological and political impact than a financial one.

A photo illustration of a University of Arizona basketball player Caleb Love against a backdrop of arrows pointing up and down.

Boosting the Bottom Line Through Athletics

Big-time college sports, often money-losing enterprises, have contracted in recent years—even as smaller, tuition-dependent institutions add teams to boost enrollment.

A man sits on an oversize laptop, which has a graduation cap perched on a corner of its screen. There are plants surrounding the laptop.

Future of OPMs in Flux as Regulations Loom

University relationships with online program managers could be turned on their heads in 2024, as the government considers more oversight into OPM contracts.

Woman in a cap and gown holding a fan of dollar bills

‘Merit Scholarship’ or Enrollment Incentive?

Non-need-based merit aid has surged in the past decade, especially at struggling public institutions looking to boost enrollment. Some say it’s an unacknowledged equity issue.

Money being put into a lab beaker

A ‘Game Changer’ for Research, Reputations of ‘Emerging’ Texas Universities

A new $3.9 billion endowment to support four public universities will boost research and innovation and, state officials hope, attract top faculty members and students.

Hands holding up orange signs that together spell out the word "applications"

Regional Colleges Saw Biggest Application Gains After Tuition Resets

A new report compared post-reset application growth at nationally known and regional institutions.