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A female college student in a plaid shirt sits across the desk from a professional providing support.

Alternate Angles of Higher Ed Equity: Seven Insights Gained From European Universities

Setting aside affordability in the conversation about equity allows for a broader range of insight that could benefit students and the institution, writes Diane Lasyone Elliott from Western Governors University.

Aerial shot of a man in a U.S. military uniform sitting at a white desk, filling out paperwork.

Awarding Credit Where It’s Due

A new report pushes for an expansion of credit for prior learning, including in college transfer. Here are seven actions higher ed institutions can take.

A biology student stands in front of a poster featuring information on bees and other pollinators

Positive Partnership: Maximizing Student Strengths in Research

A cross-department collaboration between graphic design and biology students at the University of Dayton produced high-quality research posters.

Man selects correct options using his finger on a screen

Why Faculty Should Randomize Grading Order

Research from the University of Michigan finds sequential grading biases impact students with alphabetically lower last names, due in part to LMS default ordering. Here’s what professors can do about it.

A multi-ethnic group of students sit at a table in a common space at college

Students’ Perception of Education Quality Tied to Feelings of Belonging

A new report from Gallup and the Lumina Foundation found a correlation between how students judge their academic program and their relationships to their institution and its members.

A man wearing an orange T-shirt has his head down on an open textbook as he holds up a cardboard sign with the word “HELP” in capital red letters on it.

Three Ways to Create a Culture of Help-Seeking Behavior on Campus

The act of asking for help is something that doesn’t come naturally to all students, and higher ed has a responsibility to invest in efforts to improve help-seeking, write student success professionals Cecilia Santiago-González and Zoe Lance at Cal Poly Pomona.

A faculty member gives a student a fist-bump in class

Study: Passionate, Self-Compassionate Professors Are Better Teachers

A research study found faculty members who demonstrate work passion and emotion regulation are more likely to be effective instructors and have greater work-life balance.

Multiethnic group of cheerful people enjoying stretching exercises

Student Wellness Tip: Incorporate Exercise Breaks Into Lecture Classes

Research shows exercise can help students refocus during long periods of learning. A new study finds it can be done in a practical way to benefit student attention and peer engagement.