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Professors Worry About ‘Digital Surveillance’ of Their Work

Union’s survey of academics elicits concerns that electronic systems that track teaching, grades and research productivity limit independence and well-being.

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New Data Consortium Wants Colleges to ‘Own’ Their AI Future

American Council on Education will lead global effort to pool data on tens of millions of students to improve learner success and collaborate on AI tools.

A screenshot of UCI MAPSS data training for personnel.

Creating a Data Culture Through Professional Development Training

The University of California, Irvine, created a certificate program to teach digital literacy skills to campus community members with the hope of improving student outcomes.

A screenshot of the MyLA system’s assignment-planning dashboard.

Scaling Up: Using Student Data to Motivate Academic Achievement

A student-facing dashboard on Canvas promotes self-regulated learning and study habits by showcasing course data from the learning management system.

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Labor Market Data Play Growing Role in Higher Ed

A Rutgers University study found that colleges are increasingly using the information to analyze graduates’ employment outcomes, recruit students and create new programs, among many other uses.

A drawing of students, split into two panels, to represent in-person and online education, respectively: on the left are three young adult students in a classroom and on the right is a single young adult student working at her computer in a kitchen, a cat at her feet.

Equity, Data and the In-Person/Online Divide

Hybrid assessment efforts are needed to help institutions identify—and act on—different outcomes for online versus residential students, Joshua Travis Brown and Joseph M. Kush argue.


What Should We Do About Undergrads Who Want to Pursue a Humanities Doctorate?

Reflections on the end of history … and the academic study of the arts, literature and philosophy.

Higher Ed’s Top 10 IT Issues

Educause, the association of higher ed technology officials, highlights a need to move from data insight to data action, develop learning-first strategies regardless of modality, and lead with humility.