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Leading Archaeologist ‘Created Culture of Fear and Stole Teeth’

Professor faces dismissal after reports of inappropriate behavior, also involving her husband, spanning more than three decades.

A drawing depicting a passport and an F-1 student visa; the latter document is stamped, in red, with the word “Rejected.”

Student Visa Denials Threaten U.S. Competitiveness

College leaders should focus immigration lobbying efforts on state lawmakers, in addition to federal ones, Samba Dieng writes.

Logo for Times Higher Education on a white background

Gloomy Financial Outlook for British Universities

Four in five institutions could face deficits given stalling domestic enrollment and declines in international recruitment, if higher education regulator warns.

Group of students on beach with matching blue T-shirts

Defense Department Cuts 13 of its Language Flagship Programs

Linguists are concerned about the implications the elimination of these programs may have on foreign relations.

Canada and Australia Lose Allure for International Students

In a survey, they deemed the United States, with the looming possibility of a second Trump presidency, a more reliable education prospect than its anglophone rivals.

How a Row Over Med School Admissions Thwarted Korea’s President

Analysts suggest Pres. Yoon Suk-yeol’s handling of a dispute over the issue contributed to his unpopularity ahead of his party’s electoral defeat.

Ukraine Will Inspect Huge Spike in Enrollments by Draft-Age Students

College applications climbed by almost 2,000 percent in 2022, the year of the Russian invasion. Most students chose low-cost courses with minimal entrance requirements.

A sign reads “Suspend Pitzer Haifa” in capital letters with a picture of a watermelon and a heart.

Pitzer Drops Study Abroad in Israel. Will Others Follow?

Student activists say the decision was an ideological move long in the making. College officials say an academic boycott had nothing to do with it.