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A biology student stands in front of a poster featuring information on bees and other pollinators

Positive Partnership: Maximizing Student Strengths in Research

A cross-department collaboration between graphic design and biology students at the University of Dayton produced high-quality research posters.

Man selects correct options using his finger on a screen

Why Faculty Should Randomize Grading Order

Research from the University of Michigan finds sequential grading biases impact students with alphabetically lower last names, due in part to LMS default ordering. Here’s what professors can do about it.

A small group of medical students are seen sitting at desks in a classroom during a lesson. They are each wearing scrubs and paying close attention.

Positive Partnership: New Degree Pathway for Nursing Students

Starting this fall, students at Beloit College in Wisconsin can earn a dual degree in nursing through Edgewood College, thanks to a new agreement between the two institutions.

A student leads a horse over a low jump in an arena

Success Program Launch: Equine-Assisted First-Year Student Experience

Valdosta State University professors created an experiential learning course that uses horses to build students’ personal and professional skills through hands-on learning and reflection.

A student holds a flier with the words “your labor runs BU; your labor can shut it down.”

Undergrads Suffer the Impact of BU’s Graduate Student Strike

Boston University’s graduate student strike is entering its eighth week. Students in some writing courses haven’t had class since, and now they have to grade themselves.

Multiethnic group of cheerful people enjoying stretching exercises

Student Wellness Tip: Incorporate Exercise Breaks Into Lecture Classes

Research shows exercise can help students refocus during long periods of learning. A new study finds it can be done in a practical way to benefit student attention and peer engagement.

A student plays violin while smiling and looking at sheet music.

Liberal Arts Microcredentials on the Rise

Badges and certificates aren’t just for technical fields anymore.

Young adult students at a university lecture, back view

Academic Success Tip: Infusing AI into Curricular Offerings

Faculty members have created special courses and assignments around generative artificial intelligence to prepare students for their lives after college.