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Embattled Eastern Gateway Community College to Close

Eastern Gateway Community College, a long-struggling Ohio institution, will close this fall after battling financial woes for over a year...
A photo illustration of campus photos being cut with scissors.

A Look at Recent and Looming Cuts

While declining enrollment and financial challenges are the driving force behind most job and program cuts announced last month, in Texas, politics also played a role.

Northland Will Stay Open Thanks to ‘Transformational Gifts’

After threatening to close unless it could raise a whopping $12 million in a matter of weeks, Northland College announced...

Cuts Shrink Arizona Budget Shortfall to $52 Million

To combat severe budget issues, University of Arizona officials have unveiled a plan that will reduce a projected financial shortfall...
Students sit on a lawn outside academic buildings at Nassau Community College.

Nassau Community College Moves Ahead With ‘Mega Departments’

The institution’s leaders say consolidating departments will make the college more efficient. Its faculty union says the move will do the opposite.

University of Arizona President to Step Down

Nearly six months into a financial crisis and facing the wrath of Governor Katie Hobbs, University of Arizona President Robert...
A photo of the University of Montana campus.

More Campus Cuts in March

Citing enrollment and financial challenges, numerous institutions are eliminating jobs while others have announced budget cuts that may lead to future layoffs.

A photo of protestors holding signs objecting to job cuts at Lesley University.

A Third Vote of No Confidence at Lesley University

Amid job cuts and an alleged lack of transparency, faculty have repeatedly registered their discontent with President Janet Steinmayer. But will it change anything?