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A Supreme Showdown Over Debt Relief

The legal battle over President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program has reached the Supreme Court, which will decide whether the administration has the authority to forgive the loans and whether the plaintiffs have standing to sue.

How Student Loan Forgiveness Could Win at the Supreme Court

If the parties challenging the plan can’t clear the standing threshold, then the Supreme Court justices shouldn’t consider the other arguments that the debt-relief plan is illegal. But that might not stop the conservative justices from striking down loan forgiveness.
President Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona

HEROES Act at Center of Debt-Relief Legal Fight

Executive overreach or legal use of statutory authority? That will be a key question for the U.S. Supreme Court to consider when it hears arguments in two debt-relief lawsuits early this year.

Debt Relief Heads to Supreme Court

The court will hear arguments in February on whether the Biden administration is legally able to forgive federal student loans. An injunction blocking the debt relief will remain in place.

Payment Pause Extended Amid Legal Battles

The extension, through June 30, gives the Supreme Court the opportunity to weigh in on the administration’s debt-relief plan during its current term.

Debt Relief Blocked Again

Debt-relief advocates decry the ruling as “politically motivated” and “a miscarriage of justice” and ask the administration to extend the pause on student loan payments. (Update: U.S. appeals court imposes preliminary injunction.)

More Than 26 Million Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

Nearly 26 million Americans have applied for relief under the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan, the White House announced...

Debt Relief Blocked, for Now

Nearly 22 million borrowers applied for loan forgiveness in the week since the application opened.