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The front of a Virginia high school with an abstract scultpure

Waiting for a ‘Last Word’ on Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court declined to hear a case against a magnet school’s diversity-focused admission policies. Is it a green light for ”race-neutral” alternatives in higher ed?

A Black man in a blue suit and tie and a Latino man in a gray suit and tie face off over the U.S. Capitol

A Political Standoff Over Affirmative Action

Politicians are settling into entrenched positions in the fight over how to interpret the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. Where does that leave colleges?

Pages of new lawsuits against colleges fly out of a printer atop the U.S. Supreme Court building, all on an orange background

A New Legal Blitz on Affirmative Action

Challenges to race-conscious policies are surging in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling against affirmative action, including a new lawsuit against West Point.

Two hands handing off a gavel on an orange background.

Legal Compliance or ‘Interpretive Overreach’?

The Supreme Court ruling sent institutions scrambling to ensure compliance. Some say it’s also enabled politically motivated overreach.

An illustration of the words 1st Gen laid over a question mark with a graduation cap on top symbolizes the inconsistency and uncertainty of what it means to be a first-generation college student.

Defining ‘First Generation’ in Different Ways

Colleges and governments offer financial and academic support for these students, but there’s no set standard among colleges for what the term means, as limits on affirmative action raise the stakes.

A woman with curly hair wearing glasses and a blazer speaks at a podium

A National Summit on a Higher Ed ‘Low Point’

At a daylong conference on affirmative action, there was much commiserating but little guidance as higher ed leaders searched for a path forward.

A sign for Sarah Lawrence College, as person in a jacket walks past.

Prompting Discussion or Tempting Litigation?

Sarah Lawrence College will ask applicants about the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban, quoting directly from the decision. Is it a savvy workaround or a brash rejoinder?

Two opposing groups of protesters with signs and flags face one another

Reading Between the Lines on Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court’s decision only explicitly addressed admissions. But legal experts say it could have much broader implications and that colleges would be wise to prepare accordingly.