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Students’ Fresh Thoughts on Value and Affordability 

Most students say they’re getting a valuable college education, but their feelings are mixed when asked directly about affordability, according to new Student Voice data. Students also weigh in on ideas for lowering costs—and reject cuts to academics (including tenure) and to student supports.

Awarding Credit Where It’s Due

A new report pushes for an expansion of credit for prior learning, including in college transfer. Here are seven actions higher ed institutions can take.

Busting Myths About Deadline Extensions 

A new study shows that students in large courses both prefer and reap benefits from a dual-deadline system, in which the instructor sets exact assignment deadlines but also allows for defined extensions without penalty.

Making Faculty Identities Visible, for Students’ Sake 

A new study finds that students are missing out on opportunities to see key parts of themselves—concealable stigmatized identities, such as learning differences or mental health issues—represented in their science instructors. The work builds on research on the importance of role models.

Data-Based Decisions Tip: Convene Regular Data Meetings

Student success advocates at the University of Kentucky have built a culture of evidence through weekly data meetings. Here’s how they do it, plus pointers for organizing data meetings on your campus.

Alternative Spring Break: Hygge, Happiness and Sustainability

A group of first-year students at the College of Charleston recently returned from a spring-break trip to Denmark, where they studied how personal and environmental sustainability intersect.

‘That’s a Great Question!’: The Value of Positive Faculty Feedback

One recent paper links welcoming faculty responses to student questions to better student outcomes in STEM courses, building on other work finding that students benefit when professors are approachable, accessible and supportive.